Each year, thousands of local and foreign entities opt to register new company in Singapore—and it comes as no surprise. For ten consecutive years, Singapore was ranked as the best country in the world for Doing Business among 189 countries surveyed by the World Bank. We are currently at the forefront of innovation and growth, offering an unparalleled boost with our burgeoning startup ecosystem. So what makes our city so alluring to entrepreneurs from around the globe?

Affordable Tax System

One of the many reasons that makes Singapore so particularly appealing to new businesses is its prudent tax system that does not levies tax on capital gains or dividends. With a low corporate tax that is capped at 17%, our low tax rate is also a huge determining factor for entrepreneurs who wish to incorporate their business here. Personal tax rate starts at 0% and rises up to 20% for income above $320,000.

Full Ownership

Foreigners who register new company in Singapore are entitled to fully posses 100% of the company’s stock with no requirement for a local partner or shareholder. Begin your venture with your preferred type of capital structure and distribute its ownership according to your investment needs. Additionally, there are no limits on the capital that you are allowed to port over from your country of residence to invest here.

Skilled Workforce

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Singapore’s highly productive workforce—coupled with a flexible immigration policy—has given rise to a diverse pool of talent, making it the country with the highest proportion of high-skilled employment in Asia Pacific. Having access to an efficient and skilled human resource of world-class standard is an added advantage for entrepreneurs who choose to incorporate their company here.

Ease of Incorporation Process

Singapore has one of the most fuss-free and clear-cut requirements for company incorporation. The whole procedure can be completed in a few days at a relatively low cost as compared to other countries around the world.

Register Company in Singapore

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