While the idea of a flourishing business is exciting, it is important to not get ahead of yourselves and dive headfirst without understanding what you’re in for. Here are some major considerations to take note of before you register your company:

Business Plan

Considering you have carried out in-depth research and you have a winning business idea in mind, the next step to take would be to transform it into a solid and feasible plan. At this stage, ensure that you have clearly set out your target audience, primary capital and business objectives. It’s best to pick out any hitch or flaws in the early stages of your business plan before moving forward to register your company—a process that requires a considerable amount of time and money.


register your companyDo you have sufficient capital to fund your new venture and a cash flow that is suitable to your business model? When your logistics are not carefully thought through and you do not set up your business with a strong capital in the initial phase, there is a huge possibility that you might experience a shortfall in the near future. You might also want to consider investing in a business loan if you feel that you require assistance financially.


In today’s digital age, you will definitely lose out to your competitors if you do not leverage technology in your business. One way to utilise the benefits that technology can offer is by making use of tools that are already readily available in the market. Social media, for instance, is a tool that many companies rely on to market their brand effectively and connect with potential customers.


In order to take your business to the next level, you might want to consider hiring employees if it takes off. Some people are better off working for themselves, while others turn to family members for support. However, in the case that neither are viable options, you are encouraged to outsource your manpower and delegate accounting, bookkeeping and corporate secretarial tasks to right people who can do the job. With a reliable firm like VentureHaven, you can be assured that your operations are put into the hands of efficient professionals.

If there is no urgency for you to register your company right away, we recommend that you take the time to address the varying determinants, especially because the significance and weight of each factor is unique to one’s own business.