bookkeeping singaporeRight after company incorporation, you must consider creating a website for your company. The website of your company is critical for marketing and branding, and you have to focus on the right elements so that the portal makes sense to investors and customers alike. VentureHaven is one of the few companies specializes in offering a whole range of corporate services.

From registering your company to offering assistance for bookkeeping Singapore , we do it all. In addition, we also create and build corporate websites. In this post, we will talk about the elements that matter the most for small businesses, based on years of experience in the field.

  1. Consider your business goals. Every company is different, and therefore, the approach to the website should be different, as well. If you know your company objectives, working with a developer will be easier than ever.
  2. Get the logo ready. The web designing team will need a few things from you before they can create a demo portal. The list includes your logo, possible suggestions for color schemes, and additional images.
  3. Hire a content developer. Now, many web development services can manage content on your behalf, but if you want to hire a freelance writer, it isn’t a bad idea. In the development stage, the content is not required, but as soon as the website is ready, the designers will ask for that.
  4. Test your website. Is the website mobile-friendly? Is the website tested on all browsers? As a client, you must do your research and test a demo website before the actual launch. Make sure that the design elements are incorporated, as required.
  5. Consider the SEO elements. When you hire a web developer, you must ask about their approach to SEO. They must utilize and optimize the SEO elements effectively on every page, and every page should have enough “call to action” elements.
  6. Get an estimate. Web development is a comprehensive process but can be scaled and measured. Before anything else, you should get an estimate from the concerned company, which must include all expenses.
  7. Check the expertise of the concerned service. How many websites have they designed so far? Who are their clients? A good company that understands web development will never shy away from showing their previous work.

Finally, you must be involved in the entire process. Give your inputs and seek regular reports on the development work, so that you can change and modify things as required.