Our Mission

To provide the best-in-class corporate professional
and managed services to Singapore companies.

A member of Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA)


About Us

At VentureHaven, we come to work every day because we want to help you turn your ideas into a successful business.

Being experienced corporate advisors and business professionals, we understand the difficulties that both young start-ups and long established companies face. In Singapore’s highly complex and well-regulated economy, it can be challenging navigating through regulatory and compliance issues while ensuring productivity. Hence, from exploring new initiatives to bringing your company to fruition, we strive to provide the support your business needs and help it gain the growth and success it deserves.

Singapore Accounting Services

Unlike other accountancy firms, we at VentureHaven also hold the firm belief that in order for a business to attain growth and success, maintaining a high standard of corporate governance is pivotal. As such, when you choose to work with us, you are provided with much more than just Singapore accounting services and annual compliance services. You also gain in-depth financial advice that is crucial in priming your business for success.

To us, accounting compliance management is an engine for further improvement to your business processes and a crucial tool in spurring productivity. With our team of competent, highly trained and experienced finance experts, we are committed to ensuring that your accounts adhere to the imposed statutory requirements, and that they are managed proficiently, allowing you to glean new management insights and improve operational efficiency. Watch your company transform when you choose us to be your one-stop accounting firm as we make sure we provide you with the best solutions, tailored to your company’s needs and circumstances.

In a nutshell, we at VentureHaven focus on what we do best – providing sincere solutions. With over 8 years of experience in financial accounting and advisory services, we offer an extensive suite of services – ranging from Singapore company registration services, company secretary services, regulatory compliance to statutory bookkeeping – dedicated to supporting your company throughout its business cycle.

Join thousands of happy clients in engaging our accounting and advisory services and help us reach our aim of being Singapore’s preferred corporate advisor. To entrepreneurs and companies that want to grow a local business efficiently, look no further. VentureHaven is your best bet!

Your Success is Our Business





The founder of VentureHaven, Darren drives the daily operations of the entire VentureHaven team. With over 12 years of experience in Corporate Advisory and Company Secretary matters under his belt, he is a talented and accomplished business professional, as well as a highly regarded team leader. Under Darren’s leadership in 2013, VentureHaven has gone on to advise and guide hundreds of businesses, helping them to achieve growth and success.




Carmen is the founder of VentureHaven’s Centre of Excellence. With 13 years of experience in Financial Accounting Advisory and Reporting, she built the centre and its sub-units from ground up to house a strong and efficient team of 60 staff. Carmen believes in optimism, perseverance and striking a good balance between work and family, work and personal aspirations. As our Director, Carmen leads VentureHaven’s Accounts & Bookkeeping team and manages both our internal bookkeeping team as well as queries from clients.

Our Team