Any company, if they want to function properly and efficiently, they should have a proper accounting/finance planning for their company. The accounting is considered to be the backbone of a company and thus should have a very strong structure to give a proper support to the companies. 

If you are planning to outsource your accounting, then look for some important features offered by the accounting firms.

1. Proper Bookkeeping management: The accounting bookkeeping service in Singapore are must allow you to do the followings: 

  • Key in the transactions based on the documents provided by you.
  • Giving you the option to do adjustments as per your requirement
  • Providing bank reconciliation statements
  • Handy reports for all possible record keeping needed for accountancy.

So, look for a firm for your accounting bookkeeping service in Singapore which will be most suitable for your business and choose accordingly. 

2. Reporting as per the Government laws

As the company grows, there may be situations where you need to report the government for the changes that you are going to incorporate in your company like changes in partners, shareholders, directors etc. Also, the yearly financial statement filing to the Singapore’s Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority has to be incorporated every year on time. 

3. Proper Tax Planning

A good accounting firm should not only provide you the tax accounting service but should also be able to give you proper planning of tax saving in future.

4. Payroll and Cash management

A good accounting software should be able to give you a proper payroll management systemand should be able to handle a large group of employees, should ensure that the employees get paid in one aspect which should not be overlooked. It should also be able to generate the yearly IR8A (employee earning reporting) that you need to submit to IRAS every year. 

The accounting firms should also allow you to handle the regular invoices in case of payment to vendors or employees, so that the regular cash flow also can be manged through the same.

5. Management Accounting

A good accounting should be able to analyse the past and present record of your business and should be able toidentify the trend and opportunities for improvement. It should be providing you various analytical reports that will help you to take decision regarding the further development of your business. 

Accounting Services Singapore Price

There are various accounting services in Singapore. The price varies as per the services required by you. Take a look at the Accounting services Singapore price in the following table: 

No. of transactions  25 per month  50 per month  100 per month 
Price  S$100 pm  S$180 pm  S$350 pm 
Collection of documents       
AR/AP/GL updating       
Bank Reconciliation       
Statements of finance       
Phone/Email Support       
Free Consultation  1 hour  1 hour  1 hour 


  • If the number of transactions exceeds the limit, them there will be additional cost involved.