company secretarySingapore is known to be one of the finest business hubs matching the standards of the prestigious Silicon Valley and Hong Kong opens the door for the foreign investors with its wide arms open. From restaurateurs to IT entrepreneurs, Singapore welcomes business investors from all across the globe and from all sectors. With its state-of-art infrastructure and flexible business law- our country offers the best facilities to the foreigners looking ahead to start a business in Singapore.

Our government boasts for being corruption-free and to be extremely business-friendly. You can visit us at VentureHaven where our representatives are happy to help the foreigner entrepreneurs to register a company in Singapore. You may also need our advice for choosing the business structure.

Registering a business in Singapore can be done in just a few hours. But the laws only demand the foreigner investor to hire a company director who is a permanent resident of Singapore. You may also have to hire a company secretary with a permanent Singaporean Visa or a resident by birth.

Register Pte Ltd

Here, we should let you know about some of the benefits of setting up a limited company in Singapore-

Acquire a distinct legal identity

The limited companies get the opportunity to acquire a separate legal identity. You can protect the company from the shareholders and the future directors by making them liable to the company. Clients or the third parties will sign up the deal with the company itself not the shareholders or the director of the business. By making the business a limited company- you can give the supreme power to the company itself. The company itself will survive the deceased owner/owners and can also replace the shareholders in the passing of time.

Apply online in a few easy steps

Gone are the days when entrepreneurs had to wait for weeks and even months for processing the paperwork. But today, with the help of online application process, you can easily register pte ltd in just a few hours. In Singapore, there are facilities of applying for the limited companies that even the foreigners can process. We can help you for starting the limited company easily in a few hours in Singapore.

Enjoy the tax benefits

Partnership and sole trading businesses have to pay the income taxes while the limited companies have to pay corporation tax which is pretty less than income tax.

These are some benefits of setting up of a limited company in Singapore.