register company singaporeSingapore is a nice country. It has influenced several entrepreneurs across the world, as it needs minimal and friendly requirements. It would be relatively different to those from other nations. Therefore, any business minded person and clients would wish to be based in Singapore. We offer them with specialized packages suitable to their needs. The packages accommodate all kinds of people. These would range from executives, foreign professionals, shareholders, directors and more.

In case, you were wondering how to register company in Singapore, you should work in conjunction with the Immigration department. They would help you acquire the requisite and relevant documentation. The documentation would facilitate your entry and stay in Singapore legally. Various companies that have gone against the rule have witnessed harsh consequences from the requisite authorities. Those companies have ended up in deportation. Those having used the right procedures are working confidently without any tension with the authorities.

How do we register company in Singapore?

To register company in singapore, you should be rest assured to come across simple steps. However, after that you would be ready to start your business. The process starts with the interested parties applying for the Employment Pass or EP. It is the legitimate and approved process in Singapore. The document has been necessary for all people. It would be valid for only two years. However, after the initial two years, the renewal process would follow. The renewal would be imperative if you wish to continue with the business. Singapore welcomes foreigners and offer great life. This life could be transformed into permanent stay permit after a passage of one year. This would be possible we apply it for you. Usually, to register your company in Singapore, you would need issuance of two mandatory migration visas.

Seek professional advice from our experts

It would not be wrong to state that you could seek expert advice from our professionals to open new company in Singapore. They would cater to your specific business needs in the best manner possible. Our experts have requisite experience in various departments. As a result, our experts would provide you with best advice to suit your specific service needs. In addition, you would be given expert guidance from our live chat feature. You could message your queries to our professional panel of experts. They would guide you in the best manner to suit your required business needs. There would be no obligations, but only professional advice offered by our experts.