company registrationWith flexible policies and an almost-automated process to register company in Singapore, foreign investors can begin operating their business with the least of hassle. In fact, the country has been ranked as the financial hub of Asia in many reports and surveys. If you intend to start your company here, it’s important to consider a few aspects.

Homework matters

While Singapore is a popular investment destination, it may or may not work for your business ideas. Try to understand the local factors, cost of operations, nature of your business, and other aspects that may impact your company’s existence and performance. There are many ways to start the initial ground research at your end. However, it’s best to take the help of an experienced consultancy firm that can get all facts and numbers sorted on a spreadsheet, which will help in taking practical decisions.

Understand the long-term goals

If you need a makeshift company in Singapore for research and other purposes rather than profits, you don’t need a private limited enterprise. Instead, you can open a representative office, which can be used for a period of three years. After the end of the term, you can choose to upgrade it into a branch office or a subsidiary company. The latter remains the most preferred choice for businesses and investors because a subsidiary company is treated as a separate entity from the shareholders and owners. Consider your long-term goals before taking the final leap in this regard.

Take help

Before you open new company in Singapore, you should know the necessary formalities, which can be overwhelming for foreign investors and entrepreneurs. At VentureHaven, we help our clients with these aspects. With our ready packages for company registration, you can get complete assistance for all formalities and other processes. We will also take care of the accounting and tax requirements, and you can take our help for annual compliances, as well. VentureHaven specializes in accounting and business setup, thanks to a team of efficient and highly experienced consultants. We also offer help for investments and financial matters, and we do our best to deal with the smaller issues that are a part and parcel of company setup process. In short, we take up everything on your behalf, so that you can focus on one major thing – Your business.

Register Company in Singapore

Start with the initial groundwork, and for more, you can always contact the experts of VentureHaven. Call us now to know more or check our website for packages and details.