Open New Company in Singapore with VentureHaven

VentureHaven has the proven track record of providing comprehensive business registration services to entrepreneurs starting up new companies, and also to successful business owners seeking to expand operations. Our business registration services come in competitively priced packages that cater to business operations of different categories and sizes.

Register Pte Ltd in Singapore can be complex and tedious

VentureHaven’s incorporation specialists are familiar with ACRA’s registration procedures and are always staying on top of changes and revisions to business regulations in Singapore. Their expertise and experience will minimise any delays in the registration process, and, more importantly, prevent any loose-ends or accidental oversights from upsetting the commencement of your business operation.

Reserving a company name prior to registration proper

Section 27(1) of the Companies Act (2006) governs the choice of a company name, which needs to be approved by ACRA before commencing further with any registration procedures.
Besides choosing a suitable name that defines your company’s image, you also need to apprise yourself with the kind of names that may raise a red flag with the relevant authorities.

Business names ACRA will refuse to register include:
Names that are considered obscene or religious in nature;
Names that are already approved and reserved;
Names that are identical to other registered business names;
Names that are prohibited by order of the Minister for Finance.

Our incorporation specialists will be able to advise you further with regard to the viability of a proposed company name, in addition to submitting the desired business name for ACRA’s approval. An approved company name will be reserved for 120 days from the approval date. No further extension of name reservation period is allowed. Once a name has been approved by ACRA, our incorporation specialists will proceed with the follow-up procedures to open new company in Singapore for you, according to your specific needs.