start companyWith beaming opportunities, Singapore is one of the best countries in South East Asia for investors and entrepreneurs Singapore’s Government is known for its emphasis on R&D, and around 1% of the workforce is engaged in science and engineering activities. As far as the business atmosphere is concerned, Singapore scores big time for its relaxed policies and effective incentives. Here are some reasons why you should definitely register Pte Ltd in Singapore.

An incredible financial hub

The Singaporean economy is at one of its best phases, and most industries have been performing extremely well. The 2013 Global Financial Centers Index Survey ranked Singapore at the fourth position globally for competitiveness. Experts believe that the business opportunities in Singapore will multiply in years to come, and many of the new sectors, including wealth management, has been named as areas that have considerable hope for future growth. The country is home to many of the known global companies, especially in sectors like offshore insurance and investment management. It leads the list of Asian countries on many parameters, and with the liberalization of the banking sector, the final sector has become stronger than ever, despite the increasing competition at the global level.

Register Pte Ltd and get the advantage

More than 25,000 international firms and companies operate in Singapore at the moment, and the government has started some great incentives for foreign companies and investors. More than 7,000 companies in the country are multinationals, which is quite an indicator in itself. The restrictions related to foreign company rules are limited or nil in most sectors, and there are no capital gains taxes either. The corporate tax slabs are probably one of the lowest, especially if you compare the rates with other developed countries, including those in Asia.

Register Pte Ltd

If you are trying to start a private venture with an Asia-Pacific base or want to take your multinational to the next level, you must consider Singapore on your list. To register Pte Ltd, you can contact the experts of VentureHaven to know. We are a complete consultancy firm, offering registration and other services to entrepreneurs and investors. We take care of the procedural formalities and compliance requirements, so that you can focus on one thing that matters the most – Your business. We will be happy to offer a custom package on request, but you can also check our company registration packages, which have been designed after working with more than a thousand clients.