book keeping singaporeSingapore is now one of the most chosen places where foreign entrepreneurs are intrigued in starting their new businesses. It is not that the country is thriving for housing the top MNCs and global banks in this land, but this island republic has also provided equal provisions for the startups and small businesses from all sectors.

You can also fulfill your dreams of establishing your business in Singapore with our help. VentureHaven is a popular name among the foreign entrepreneurs in our country along with the locals looking forth to start a business of their own. You’re most welcome to visit us for the following services we offer-

Company Registration and Company Incorporation

We help entrepreneurs in registering their businesses and later on we can also support in incorporating the business. Instead of sole proprietorship or partnership business, this is going to be a better option which our advisors will make you understand. We also help in choosing a company name and logo which is mandatory according to the Singaporean law.

Company Secretary Services

Within the six months of incorporating a company in Singapore, according to Accounting and Company Regulation Authority (ACRA), the owner has to appoint a Singaporean company secretary. If there are two directors in the company, one can take the position of the company secretary, but otherwise, the business owner has to hire an individual company secretary with a permanent resident status in Singapore. This person can also be a stakeholder of the business just like the director of the company. You can know more about the role and responsibilities of the company secretary from us. VH also provides the company secretarial services which you may need to maintain the law as well as to run the business smoothly even if you’re living in your native country.

Acquiring VISA in Singapore

There are different types of visas offered by the Singaporean government. The foreign entrepreneurs can live in our country with an EntrePass visa while others can also Employment Pass or EP or Personalised Employment Pass (PEP) per their requirement. We can help you in determining the right visa to apply for and can also support you in getting the visa to enter Singapore.

Accounting and Tax

We boast on our corporate tax advisory services. We have the talent pool that can help you with the effective tax advises for your business. Also, do drop by our Book Keeping Singapore page for maintaining the daily accounts of your business.

Besides, we also offer website designing, closing, and de-registration of the business and more.