bookkeepingMost start up businesses would consider company formation a daunting task. It encompasses several steps, numerous documentation and unforeseen challenges on every step. You should not delegate the process of company formation to people who do not have requisite knowledge and understanding on the entire process. We recognize the specific needs and requirements of your company starting needs. It does not bother us if the company is domestic or international. In addition, we are least concerned with your company being big or small. We would offer quality services to suit your needs at affordable price. Here are the steps needed to successfully incorporate a company in Singapore.

What do we offer?

We are a registered filing agent with ACRA. We offer specialized services to suit your specific needs and requirements for incorporating your company in Singapore. We would help you achieve your aim by realizing the overall potential of your financial assets. We would make the best use of your fiscal assets. We understand the entire process of company formation being based on a couple of steps. We would help you choose a suitable name for the company, register the company with the Registrar, provide a registered rubber stamp, establish a bank account in Singapore bank, provide a registered seal of the company and share certificate of different shareholders along with dealing with the allocation of shares.

We handle your bookkeeping needs

In order to handle your bookkeeping needs, we would offer experts in accounting. Our experts have been known to offer specialized services suitable to your respective needs. Our accounting experts have been popular for professional approach in handling bookkeeping singapore for both newly formed and established companies operating in Singapore. Our highly experienced and trained team of professionals would compile your annual accounts to be submitted to ACRA and IRAS in a competent manner. Our experts have been popular for working with all kinds of companies. They would provide your business with flexible accounting solutions suitable to your respective business needs.

We provide suitable packages to suit your needs

We believe that good and proper accounts enable the clients to maintain their standards of daily work. As a result, we would offer you with the perfect and suitable package to suit your needs. We would provide you with flexible accounting solutions to suit your specific needs. Our expert knowledge and expertise would help you seek the best value possible. Our bookkeeping packages would range monthly to annually. You would be able to choose the package suitable to your needs for the competitive price.

If you need more help, or if you are ready, you can call us to start incorporation of your company today!