company registering servicesSHOULD you be searching for a trustworthy accounting firm to register company in Singapore for you, look no further as VentureHaven Singapore is committed to serving you to your utmost satisfaction.

At VentureHaven, we pride ourselves on providing the best Singapore company registration services available. VentureHaven ranks among the top as one of the most renowned and reputed accounting firms in Singapore. We have been in business for 10 years and are still going strong. Singapore company registration services are one of our core areas of expertise.  We have seen the full spectrum of problems our clients have regarding the process of company registration, and our Singapore company registration services have never failed to ease their burdens and complete the job for them at a fair and reasonable price. 

Register company in Singapore

At VentureHaven, we provide a customised package of Singapore company registration services tailored to every customer’s personal preferences. For every one of our offered packages, the registration fee payable to ACRA (the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority in Singapore) is included within the package price, leading to significant cost savings for the customer. Even our most basic package will often complete your Singapore company registering process within an hour. We also do the administrative busywork for you, including incorporating a Company Constitution, obtaining a Company Business Profile for you, and setting up a bank appointment with mobile bankers. The most basic package including the above only comprises a $75 fee over doing the entire process yourself, providing significant value for the hours of preparation saved. Our higher-tier packages include the services of a Corporate Secretary, a Company Stamp as well as administrative work of the first-year AGM and filing of Annual Returns. Beyond that, we also offer services to ease your business workflow after completing the Singapore company registration process, such as a 1-year registered address in the Singapore Central Business District, mail collection, SMS notification, Mail scanning and e-Forwarding, among others, for a nominal fee.

Indeed, an inexperienced individual filing the company registration administrative work by himself may commit a few minor mistakes that could invalidate his entire application and force him to restart it from the very beginning. In this sense, hiring VentureHaven as your Singapore company registration services provider is a win-win for both of us. Our interests align with yours and it is our goal to see your company registered as smoothly as possible.

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