If you are doing business in Singapore then you need to keep in mind one very important thing and that the Inland Revenue Authority, Singapore IRAS needs you to keep you the proper record and supporting documents for all your income and expenses related to your business. You need to submit these details whenever asked to without any fail.

Now, the problem is to maintain all the financial details in order, we need the help of experts in this field. If you have someone available internally then very well, otherwise you need to look for accounting bookkeeping service in Singapore.  

The financial records of a company are very important, confidential and needs to be handled with trust. Looking for a reliable and trustworthy accounting bookkeeping service in Singapore is not an easy task. 

What should we look for in an accounting bookkeeping services?

  1. Privacy and Security of your data:

Your financial data is confidential and sensitive, so that needs to be handled with lot of care. The company you are approaching should have that professionalism and they should be well equipped to handle your data and provide you the proper business security.

  1. Support

Look for a company who can give you constant and intelligent support. Not only their communication system should be prompt but they should also have the expertise to provide you proper guidance regarding your financial matters.

When we talk about communication, keep in mind one more thing, the degree of transparency. They should provide a totally transparent communication if any problem arises. The business firms should also be well informed and trained to handle the communication process of the accounting forms.

  1. 3. Remote Services:

Many business firms are working remotely. So, the accounting firm should be able to provide services to the remote locations also if needed.

  1. Up-to-date Bookkeeping specifications:

The accounting firm should have the up-do-date specifications regarding bookkeeping as stated by the local authority and maintain your records accordingly.

  1. Latest Technology:

The accounting form should be technologically advanced and well equipped. The cloud computing and all the latest trends should be available with them, so that you can opt for the service that is most suitable for you.

  1. Price:

The last but not the least, the accounting services Singapore price should also to be taken under consideration. There are several bookkeeping packages offered by the various firms. Packages are there who charges you monthly or yearly basis. Let’s take a look in the accounting services Singapore price:

  1. Monthly – depending on the number of transactions per month, it ranges from S$100 pm to S$350 pm.
  2. Yearly – depending on number of transactions per year, it can range between S$250 to S$500.

There will be extra charges which is about S$700 for annual tax filing to ACRA and IRAS.

All the business houses in Singapore needs to opt for the expert bookkeeping services to comply with the rules of the government. So, identify your need and look for a professional, well experienced accounting firm that suits the need of your business.