With the fast changing business environment, small business owners find it extremely challenging to both running their day-to-day business and manage their company’s finances. With limited resources, these business owners tend to hire junior accounting staff who are unable to advise them on strategic level finance, such as business planning, budgeting, forecasting, compliance and business analysis. Our Chief Financial Officers (“CFO”) Services seek to bridge the gap by providing top level finance advice to business owners on accounting, finance and business matters.

We do not discriminate our clients based on size or turnover. Whether you are a startup, SME or large organisation, you will be treated equally based on the type of services & scopes you chose. Our main objective is to help smaller organisations to have a better chance to compete with their competitors, on the financial advisory aspect.

Our main clients are the small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), allowing them to benefit from the expertise of a highly experienced Chief Financial Officer without incurring the costs of hiring a full-time CFO.

Why Us?

We ensure that all our CFOs meet stringent requirements to ensure they deliver the best quality of service to our clients. All our CFOs are professionally qualified Accountants in Singapore (Chartered Accountants) and all have/ were CFOs in their current or previous position in both small and large organisations (listed and unlisted companies). One of our key strength is local knowledge. Our part time CFOs are mainly locals with a wealth of experience dealing with local compliances, tax, local business practices. You can tap on our local knowledge to assist you to propel through potential business obstacles.