company registrationChosen to the best business city since 2012, by the World Bank, Singapore has retained the same position in the seven consecutive years. Singapore, popular to be highly urbanized and a pro business hub, ensures high-end infrastructure along with flexible law and entrepreneur visas.

If you’re a foreigner and interested to register company in Singapore, then we can guide you throughout the process. Starting from Singapore company registration services to selecting and hiring the company director and the company secretary, VentureHaven is your one-stop destination where our clients are offered with all kinds of needs to start a business in Singapore. We are happy to help our clients. Our executives are the pro in guiding the international entrepreneurs to register a company along with making them understand the country’s law and regulations for foreign investors to start a business.

Here, we are about to share some advantages which you being the business owner will enjoy after registering a company in Singapore—

Fast and easy Singapore company registration services

You don’t have to wait for days and even months to register company in Singapore. It is just a matter of few hours and this facility is valid for both the local and foreign entrepreneurs. According to the Accounting and Company Regulation Authority (ACRA), you’ll have to select a name for your company and have to design a logo. But while doing so, make sure they are unique and are unmatchable with any registered business name or logo.

Pay a dollar for the registration

You’ll have to pay around a Singaporean dollar for the registration process. In the next step, you need to hire a company director who can also be your stakeholder in the business and must be a permanent resident of this country. Also, you’ll have to hire a company secretary in Singapore.

Strategic location and excellent infrastructure

Being a promising and optimist entrepreneur, you’ll be intrigued to investing in this island republic of Singapore for its wonderful location. For being located the center of all the international trading routes, the business owners in Singapore are highly profited. We can let you more on this strategic location when you’ll visit us. Singapore also provides state-of-art infrastructure for the foreign and local entrepreneurs.

Over the past decades, the developed sunny island on the Asia Pacific has successfully grabbed the attention of the foreign investors looking forward to using their capital for starting a business by offering these facilities.