Outdoor Advertising

Singapore’s Building and Contruction Authority (BCA) regulates outdoor sign and signboard advertising displays, to prevent haphazard, unsightly and inappropriate outdoor signage from being publically displayed and seen.

Who needs to apply?

  • “Outdoors” refers to any roofed space that
    • is not fully enclosed on all sides
    • facilitates the flow of general pedestrian traffic
    • is accessible to the public.
  • One will need to apply for such a licence if an advertising sign or signboard is to be installed in a location befitting the above-mentioned definition of “outdoors”

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Where to apply?

Newspaper Permit

Any publication containing:

  • news
  • intelligence
  • reports of occurences

or any remarks, observations or comments pertaining to such news, intelligence, reports of occurrences, or to any matter of public interest, printed in any language and published for sale or free distribution at regular intervals or otherwise, falls under the jurisdiction of the Newspaper and Printing Presses Act, with any publication by or for the Government excepted.

Who needs to apply?

  • Printing or publishing a newspaper in Singapore
  • Publishing or selling or distributing a Malaysian newspaper in Singapore
  • Selling or distributing an offshore newspaper in Singapore


  • No charge to apply for permit

Where to apply?

Printing Press Licence

Printing of documents, such as those listed below, requires a licence permitting the maintenance and use of a printing press under the Newspaper and Printing Presses Act.

  • pamphlets
  • maps
  • charts
  • newspapers
  • magazines

with the printing of invoices, name cards, bill heads, letterheads or collaterals for a company’s own image excepted.

Who can apply?

  • Only the director, partner or sole proprietor of the company operating the printing press can apply for a licence.


  • No fees are payable for a Printing Press Licence

Where to apply?


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