Cantonese culinary offers some mouth smacking food that is mainly prepared during their festivals in China. Today, the cuisine has reached the furthest corners of the world with its exotic taste, the oriental flavor, simple yet amazing spices that create excellent savor. Today, Cantonese food is one of the best-sellers despite geographical variations. Singaporeans also love tasting the Cantonese food. After you register company in Singapore, you should have to list in some authentic Cantonese food variety in your Singaporean restaurant to attract customers during festivals.

Here are some of the best traditional Cantonese cuisines that you can serve during festivals:incorporating company singapore

Nian Gao

The 3000-year old rice cake recipe nian gao is one of the most popular cuisines served by celebrated Chinese restaurants during the New Year celebrations. The term correlated the old phrase “nian nian gao sheng” that means the growing prosperity each year. Eating this platter with other family member is an ancient tradition of the Cantonese clans as a part of their spring rice harvest celebration. Today, people can get variations in stir-fried with savory and sweet flavors.


This is the Chinese fish that they call Yu. This is a part of their festival recipe every time they are gathering with the friends and family during the fiesta. They cook the whole fish that symbolizes the strength of the whole family. The fish is treated with a little bit of ginger and light soy sauce and steamed before serving it hot and fresh. Traditional Chinese people keep the leftover of the fish for the next day. They strongly believe that this is how their prosperity will overflow.

Luo Buo Gao

Originated in the Guangdong region, the Cantonese people can’t miss out these Turnip Cakes from their festival menu. The phase is closely associated with the term “hao cai tao” that means Good Luck. Nowadays, these are best found in dim sum restaurants, even on the busy American streets too.

Tang Yuan

This is a sweet ball recipe that is mainly consumed during the 15th day of the Yuanxiao Festival celebration. This is the first night of the full moon during the Chinese lunar year. The food varies from place to place. In the southern fringes of China, the stuffing is put inside the dough, which brings us the Tang Yuan.

So adding these culinary delights in your menu attract more customers in your restaurant in Singapore.

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