Here are tips on how to secure an employment visa in Singapore easily.

Create a Comprehensive CV

The evaluators will need to get accurate and full details of the applicant. One of the guaranteed ways of winning their confidence is by creating a fantastic CV packed with information about their academics and experiences. The experience of the applicant should match with the work that they intend to do in the country. Otherwise, any disparity between the two may lead to rejection.

Provide Education Documentsregister company singapore

Education documents such as degree certificates will help support the information presented in the CV. Ideally, these documents should show the panel that you are a graduate from a reputable learning institution. There is no cap on the number of educational documents that you can present to the board.

Provide Relevant References

Sometimes, the panel may need to confirm some of the details in your CV as well as validate the educational documents. If prompted to provide relevant references, it is recommended to provide formal written letters such as a letter of recommendation from previous companies that you have worked with. The references will greatly help to prove that you are a professional with the necessary skills and expertise in a particular field.

Support from the Potential Employer

An employment visa is more likely going to be successful if backed up by a company that has a good reputation in the country already. The panel may decide to contact the Ministry of Manpower to get a clear perspective of the employer before making their final decision. However, it is important to note that new and long-running companies have an equal capability of helping foreign employees get an employment visa provided they are duly registered and adheres to the set regulations.

Have a Backup Plan

If the application is rejected, the applicant is given a 30-day appeal period that they can take advantage of to defend their application. Therefore, it is important to have a backup plan. Go through the documents and evaluate some of the things that could lead to rejection and come up with a way of convincing the panel to change its mind.

The above tips have been proven to be very effective in helping foreigners who intend to work in the country to secure an employment visa. As an employer, consider sending the potential employees an email with details about the application process to help them prepare well.