Singapore has ranked high among the best and easiest places to set up business in the world for many good reasons:

  • well developed infrastructure
  • friendly tax regime
  • strong legal protection for intellectual properties
  • highly educated and large population of business talents
  • enthusiastic government support for entrepreneurship

Not only has the nation weathered through many previous economic downturns, it even reported a 12-year high $17.2 billion of investments in 2020 amid the global pandemic.

Cost to Open a Company in Singapore

The Private Limited Company (Pte Ltd) is by far the most popular business structure of entrepreneurs. Minimum Setup Requirements are:

  • 1 Shareholder (individual or corporate entity)
  • 1 Local Director
  • 1 Company Secretary
  • Initial paid-up share capital of at least S$1
  • A physical Singapore registered office address

If you’re a local or overseas entrepreneur looking to set up a new company in Singapore, and have been researching prices and incorporation agents, you must have come across many different packages for how much to set up a company in Singapore and the services each package includes, such as the one below, which is VentureHaven’s.


  • ACRA Company Name Check & Reservation
  • ACRA Registration Fee Inclusive (S$320.50)
  • Company Business Profile
  • Company Constitution
  • First Board of Directors Resolution
  • Bank Appointment Setup with Mobile Bankers


  • Everything in QuickStart, PLUS:
  • 18 Months Corporate Secretary Services (Free 6 months!)
  • First Board of Directors Resolution
  • First Year AGM / Annual Return Filing
  • ACRA Filing Fees Inclusive
  • Company Stamp


  • Everything in Business, PLUS:
  • 1 Year Registered Address in Singapore, CBD
  • Mail Collection & Email Notification


  • Everything in Corporate, PLUS:
  • 1 Year Mail Scanning & e-Forwarding
  • First Year Financial Statement Preparation
  • First Year ECI & Tax Preparation & Filing

Having so many competitively packaged and priced incorporation deals out there, the best advice we can offer is choose what you need.

For example, go for our Quickstart S$395 Package if already have someone who can perform the duties of a Company Secretary and all you need is the bare minimum to get your company legally registered.

However, if your firm has only a sole director or shareholder, then a separate natural person has to be appointed as Company Secretary and so you may want to consider our Business S$695 Package, which comes with Company Secretary Services plus First-year Annual Return Filing to ACRA. It’s our most popular package for good reasons.

And, if you want to look ahead and get year-end tax filing hassles out of the way, our Premier S$1380 Package is something to consider.

Contact us today to find out more about how much to set up a company in Singapore and other incorporation requirements.