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Project Description

John Wiley & Sons (Asia), McGraw-Hill Education (Asia), Pearson Education South Asia, Sage Publications Asia Pacific, Burda Singapore and Edipresse Asia are some of the top international publishers that have chosen to establish offices in Singapore.
The Publishing Grant Scheme offers both local and foreign enterprisers up to 20,000 SGD per year for publishing or translating Singapore artists.
In 2017, the International Property Rights Index, which ranks countries according to their protection of physical and intellectual property rights, reported that Singapore is the best in the region for protection of IP rights.
The Content Digitisation Programme, which encourages publishers to venture into digital publishing, as well as increase accessibility to content produced from Singapore, was launched by IMDA in collaboration with the Singapore Book Publishers Association (SBPA).

For detailed information on licence categories, criteria and fees, visit the following pages:

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Industry Segments

Singapore’s publishing industry can be broadly classified into the following segments:


This segment is an indispensable complement to the nation’s formal education system. Written mostly by qualified and experienced MOE teachers, textbooks, assessment books, readers and supplementary materials catering to a wide range of students are always in constant and growing demand.


This segment comprises books published for a general audience, in other words, books that a consumer would find in a traditional bookstore: romance novels, thrillers, biographies, cookbooks, history and children’s book. The gradual progression from print to new media (ebooks and audiobooks) has notably revitalised this category of publications.

Professional and STM (Science, Technical and Medical)

This segment of the industry takes a strong foothold in Singapore where post-graduate education and academic research receive special recognition. Textbooks and journals documenting authoritative and ground-breaking research by STM, finance and business scholars and practitioners constitute the backbone of academia. Therefore, Singapore’s regional and global importance in scientific and technological research and innovation will keep this segment vibrant and in good demand.

Legalities and Guidelines

Incorporating Your Publishing Business On ACRA

Registering your company on the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) of Singapore is the first step to kicking off your business venture. Successfully registered, your company will receive a Unique Entity Number (UEN), which is required when making applications for other licences and permits.

Your publishing establishment may require one or more of the following licences or permits, depending on its business model:

  • Newspaper Permit, from the Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA)
  • Printing Press Licence, from the Registrar of Newspapers
  • Advertisement Licence
  • General Radio Communication Licence
  • Localised Private Network Licence
  • Localised Radio Communication Licence

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