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Project Description

  • Receipts
  • S$21.8B (-7.6%)
  • Arrivals
  • 15.2M (+0.9%)
  • Receipts
  • S$24.8B (+13.9%)
  • Arrivals
  • 16.4M (+7.7%)
  • Receipts
  • S$26.8B (+3.9%)
  • Arrivals
  • 17.4M (+6.2%)
2018 Forecast
  • Receipts
  • S$27.1 to 27.6B (+1 to +3%)
  • Arrivals
  • 17.6 to 18.1M (+1 to +4%)

For detailed information on licence categories, criteria and fees, visit the following pages

Start Your Own Tourism Business in Singapore from $395

Record High Tourism Receipts and Visitor Arrivals for a Second Consecutive Year

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) reported record performance for a second consecutive year due to continual growth in Asia-Pacific travel, as well as increased flight and cruise connectivity to Singapore. International visitor arrivals hitting record high for China, India, Vietnam, the Philippines, US, UK and Germany was also cited as a reason for the strong results.

In all, Singapore remains a strong and vibrant player in the tourism market, through robust collaboration between STB and industry partners, along with innovative global marketing campaigns and event strategies. With improving global economic outlook and expanding Asia-Pacific tourism, Singapore’s tourism industry is poised for even more optimistic growth and development.

Travel Agent Licence Application in Singapore

In general, a person or business that intends to supply any person or tour a right to travel on any conveyance (land, sea or air) and/or a right of accommodation will be required to possess a Travel Agent (TA) license, under Section 4 of the Travel Agents Act (Cap. 334).

Singapore Tourism Board currently issues TWO types of Travel Agent Licences:

Niche Licence
  • Upfront capital of $50,000, plus a net worth of equal amount.
  • Licensed to only sell or arrange tours with conveyance WITHIN Singapore, WITHOUT accommodation
General Licence
  • Upfront capital of $100,000, plus a net worth of equal amount
  • Licensed to carry out ALL travel agent activities

The following conditions must be fulfilled before a Final Approval is granted by STB:

  • Register New Company with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) of Singapore
  • Ensure sufficient minimum upfront capital and net worth
  • Nominate a Key Executive (Singaporean or PR or EP holder) with relevant experience who is responsible for day-to-day administration and operations
  • Appoint executives with proof of good conduct and character
  • Set up a dedicated email and business address

Register Company in Singapore

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