What is Data Protection? 

Data protection is very important for any organization as it ensures the security of privacy, integrity and availability of your data. The companies need to design proper strategies and policies for data protection. Specially, this is vital for the companies who are collecting, handling and storing sensitive data.  

What is DPO or Data Protection Officer? 

As per the Personal Data Protection Act 2012, Singapore all the companies need to appoint at least one person as the Data Protection Officer to meet its obligations under PDPA. They can be an individual or a team, an employee from the same company or may be a third party appointed by your company. PDFC has recently also collaborated with ACRA (Account and Corporate Regulatory Authority) to allow the companies registered with ACRA to update their DPOs name, contact information etc via ACRA.  

What are the prime responsibilities of DPOs? 

  1. Ensure compliance of PDPA while handling personal data.
  2. Handles any kind of queries or complaints regarding personal data of your employees and customers.
  3. Be very prompt in alerting the company about any possible risks.
  4. Keeping up-to-date information of PDPA policies and get updates of any changes regarding data protection.
  5. There is no minimum aga limit for the DPOs but make sure that they have the proper knowledge and expertise toensure that the company obliges with PDPA at all times.

Now if you are outsourcing the company secretary consultancy servicesthen keep in mind that you must register your data protection officer also while engaging them. The company secretary consultancy services will be definitely  providing you the service of data protection officer.  

There are many Singapore company secretary service providers 

Their prime responsibilities include: 

  1. Ensures that the company compliance with the statutory and standard financial requirements maintaining high standard of corporate governance.
  2. Must ensure that the company is following all the rules and regulations as per the financial acts and thus avoiding any kind of complexities or penalties.
  3. Should guide inall kind of tax and accounts related issues and help the companies to establish themselves in Singapore.

Now, with Singapore company secretary service provider, the registration of DPO is may not be mandatory but is highly recommended as it will keep the DPOs connected and having up-to-date information about the relevant personal data protection development in Singapore and thus saving the companies to avoid any unnecessary hassles and in extreme cases penalties. This will definitely increase the accountability of the companies.  

Now, as PDPA has recently collaborated with ACRA, now it is not necessary to register in PDPA website for the companies registered with ACRA. It has become more convenient for them now as they can do the registration by using ACRA’s Biz file+platform now.  

So, be very selective while appointing the DPO for your company and make sure to comply all the rules you need to follow while appointing the DPO.