company incorporationSingapore now attracts people from across the globe to live here. The extremely urbanised city on the Pacific is strategically located and a perfect business hub giving a tough fight to Hong Kong and other prominent Asian business centers. As the demand for living in Singapore increases, the real estate industry is also booming unlike before. Along with the locals, the foreigners are also starting businesses of property rental services and agencies.

Here, follow the given pointers that will guide you in the process of establishing a real estate property agency business in Singapore—

Singapore Company Registration Services

If you have finally decided that starting a real estate rental agency in Singapore will be your ultimate goal, you will need to register the business. Our agents at VentureHaven can help you in following the steps to get your company registered with ACRA.

Know the Job Responsibilities of the Agents

There are various job responsibilities of these agents. They have to post ads, interview tenants, screen the renters, preparing lease papers, collecting rents, managing repairing, and tenant’s complaints.  These are few most important liabilities of these rental property agents.

Bridging in Between the Tenant and the Property Owner

Landlords stay hassle free if they get a responsible property manager. These professionals actually bridge between the tenants and the owners. This is the reason why these professionals have to keep detailed data about the property with which they are dealing with.

At the time of interviews, the prospective tenants are ready to ask the pros and cons of the house or apartment that they are going to take on lease or about to sign a rental deal.  It is pretty obvious that your agents should have to be prepared with the relevant answers so that the client’s properties are rented.

Properly Informed and Qualified

While hiring the property agents for your business check out their qualification along with the work experience. Usually, they are certified and in the course, they have to learn on property laws, rental laws, taxation, crisis management, and so on. Rental agents must have excellent marketing and PR skills.

If you’re looking forward to a business opportunity, establishing a rental agency in Singapore can be quite a profitable venture.  Some prior experience on the same can be an added advantage which you can avail. You can also consider hiring company secretary services to engage a professional company secretary to fulfill legal requirements, as well as to assist your company directors and shareholders in essential administrative functions. Call us to find out more!