A Company Secretary is not a regular secretary working for a company or a personal assistant of some top management. One way to better understand the weight a Company Secretary carries is to consider titles such as Secretary of State and Secretary-General (of the UN or some political party).

Company Secretary in Singapore

The Company Secretary in Singapore plays a crucial role in ensuring that all stateholders adhere to legal procedures governing local business, and reviewing constantly actions taken by the company and its management. As corporate governance gains traction, he or she is increasingly relied upon by directors and shareholders to guide, even instruct, them with regard to legal responsibilities and other obligations, adherence to which will keep the company in good compliance with the law, and also with best practices.

It is difficult to comprehensively define the scope of a company secretary’s duties, as what is exacted varies from business establishment to business establishment, some public, some private.  That is one reason why many companies engage Company Secretary Services to perform the necessary actions, as such a professional service provider has a wide range of expertise and resources at its disposal to handle all situations (vis-a-vis a solo in-house company secretary hired by the company).

In general, a Company Secretary in Singapore plays an important role in:

Maintenance of statutory registers

  • register of shareholders with substantial control
  • register of charges
  • register of members
  • register of directors and secretaries
  • register of directors’ residential addresses

Co-ordinating inspection of the company’s statutory registers

  • complying with requests made within certain time limits

Administration of Share Transfers

  • receiving and processing of stock transfer forms and the cancellation of old and issuing of new share certificates
  • ensure that any provisions in the articles of association in relation to share transfers have been complied with

Scheduling and coordinating board and shareholder meetings and related paperwork

  • circulating agendas and other documentation to directors, shareholders and auditors
  • producing accurate minutes of shareholder and directors’ meetings and resolutions

Filing of statutory forms with the registrar

  • filing necessary returns and forms such as Annual Returns, return of allotment of shares and notice of appointment or resignation of a director within the specific timeline

Custody and use of the company seal

  • if a company still keeps one, ensuring that any provisions in the articles of association regarding its use are observed

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As a Company Secretary in Singapore performs so many important functions, engaging Company Secretary Services may be the more sensible choice when it comes to Greater Security, Greater Efficiency and Greater Growth of your company.

Greater Security

  • Where administrative and compliance-related matters are concerned, your company secretary is pivotal.  Serious repercussions would ensue if these legal demands are not properly met, and hence finding a competent team of highly trained individuals equipped to handle your administrative functions for your secretarial role is a wise choice. With numerous years of experience in corporate advisory and related services, a reliable Company Secretary Services provider will make sure that your company is safeguarded from any fines, penalties and additional expenses.

Greater Efficiency

  • Fulfilling regulatory obligations punctually and error-free can be time consuming and demanding without a fully qualified and reliable company secretary to handle the job.  But once you find one, you would no longer have to spend additional time and effort researching and making sure that these regulations are being adhered to. With deadlines and many tedious responsibilities taken care of, you will gain more time and energy to concentrate on business strategies to grow your business.

Greater Growth

  • Currently, a high standard of corporate governance is a cornerstone to the growth and success of your company.  Besides complying with government red tape, growth and profit, a professional Company Secretary Services provider also plays an advisory role to your company, to make sure that there are no oversights, and help you with formulating strategies to complement your decision-making process.  The provider will also help in monitoring your internal controls and ensuring that your company is always ready and prepared for each stage of growth.


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