registering company singaporeEntrepreneurs from across the globe are now interested in starting a business by register company in Singapore. Known to be the corruption-free and highly urbanized island country in the Asia Pacific, the strategically located republic of Singapore offers outstanding facilities to both the local as well as international entrepreneurs. The business-friendly government has made the law flexible along with keeping the immigration regulations convenient for the entrepreneurs.

If you’re interested in starting a company in Singapore, visit a reliable accounting company first. We are VentureHaven, popular among foreign business owners for the ultimate guidance. We help them for registering a company or letting them know about the benefits of the company incorporation in Singapore and more.

We’ve some useful tips for the foreigners interested in starting a business in Singapore—

Singapore Company Registration Services

According to Accounting and Company Regulation Authority (ACRA), the entrepreneurs have to apply for the registration of their company. During this process, they have to mention the name of the company they have decided. You can take our help in choosing the name of the company as it has to be unique so that your business name shouldn’t look copied from any other registered business. We can also guide you in choosing and designing the logo which shall be unique and attractive as well.

In the next step, foreigners have to choose and hire a company director for running the business. The government wants the foreign investors to appoint a qualified person with a permanent resident status in Singapore for this position. This person can also be a shareholder of the business. Alongside, you may also need to appoint a company secretary for managing the business even in your absence.

You can run the business from anywhere

Even when you’re running a business in Singapore, there is no need to stay in this country. If you wish to stay in your native land or in any other country and run the business from there, the Singaporean law permits you to do so. Let the company secretary or the director run the business in your absence.

Incorporate the company

We can help you in incorporating the business so that you may enjoy the benefits this business structure ensures. You can legally protect your assets, enjoy saving taxes, raise capital, maintain privacy and protect the intellectual properties, increase credibility and perpetuity etc.

Also opt for the sole proprietorship, limited company, partnership incorporation of your business with us.

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